To Improve the User Bulk SMS Send

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To Improve the User Bulk SMS Send

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We often hear people in the company talking about "user experience" and everywhere telling us to "enhance the user experience". "User experience" seems to bulk sms send be the standard for people who start a company, start a business, and make a product today. If you don’t talk about user experience or do something about user experience, you are embarrassed to say that you are in this circle. However, is the user experience really as easy as it says? Especially when you feel that there are still many users for a product that is obviously not very good, are you doubting that the user experience is a false proposition. Although it is said that "user experience" will fail under certain circumstances, as product designers, "user experience" is a topic that we cannot get around, and must be deeply understood and practiced. A supplement to bulk sms send the definition explains "the full range of feelings a user experiences before, during, and after using a product or system, including all aspects of emotions, beliefs, preferences, cognitive impressions, physiological and psychological reactions, behaviors, and achievements".

The five-element model of user experience In the bulk sms send book "Elements of User Experience", it is mentioned that user experience refers to "how a product connects with the outside world and functions", that is, how people "touch" and "use" it. And it uses the five-factor model framework of user experience to guide the improvement of user experience. To sum up, we can find that the bulk sms send main feeler of user experience is people, which is a purely subjective feeling established by people in the use of products. Since it is purely subjective, can we still define it quantitatively? The answer is yes.

The father of modern management, Peter Drucker, said, "If you can't measure, then you can't grow efficiently." Therefore, in terms of user experience, since we hope to bulk sms send improve user experience, we must measure user experience. The HEART indicator framework proposed by Google starts from two dimensions, qualitative and quantitative, and consists of five macros: Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, and Task Success. Indicator composition, different products can be subdivided from a micro perspective according to their actual needs. Because it provides a more comprehensive quantitative method for the bulk sms send user experience measurement system, many big manufacturers can see its shadow.