What Is a Good Brand Jingle

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What Is a Good Brand Jingle

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Sound communication is on the rise and companies have understood this. In the range of solutions that place sound at the service of business, we find the sound jingle or brand jingle. What is it concretely? Why do companies have every interest in integrating the sound jingle into their communication strategy? Decryption! Sound jingle: follow the guide! Jingle: definition jingle: english term, its meaning is literally that of a "tinkling" (sound). More precisely, it is in fact a very short musical theme, sung or not, which most often accompanies an advertising message on the radio or on television. Often very catchy, it captures the attention of listeners and is quickly recognized later.

As the jingle is made to be recognizable and above all easy to remember! Brand jingle: what are we talking about? Most often, the sound jingle is created and composed to represent a brand, and is thus an integral part of its sound identity. We also talk Whatsapp phone number list about a sound logo, or even a sound signature. Concretely, a brand jingle is made up of different elements that can be: one or more voices, one or more instruments, a sound effect, a melody... Often, it does not exceed a few seconds, which makes it easier to memorize. Ultimately, the jingle should be seen as the sound version of the visual logo. It represents the image of the brand.


And makes it benefit from the now recognized advantages of sound over visuals: sound is a vector of emotion, whatever it is the logo or sound jingle leaves a lasting impression sound generates more engagement than the jingle visual: what benefits for a brand? If the concept of the sound jingle no longer holds any secrets for you, it is interesting to highlight the advantages for a company of having its own tailor-made brand jingle. In general, sound and music have a significant impact on the perception of a brand: they determine, influence and act on consumer behavior. A real link in the chain of sound identity, the sound jingle ticks all.